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Weekend -Stay Giveaway Rules: 

1.  No purhase  necessary if entering your email before September 20, 2020  After that date, proof of pre-order and  entering your email are both required for a chance to win the free weekend in The House with Holes , 139 Congress Street, Charleston , SC.    By sharing the book on social media and using the hashtag #ahousewithholes, you can add additional chances to win.  

2.  The entry will be randomly and fairly chosen from the email list given in the contact section of this site., giving everyone a chance to win.

3.  The winner selected will be responsible for all travel expenses, food, and entertainment while staying in this home.  The weekend date will be  determined by the homeowner and the contest winner, arriving on Friday at noon and checking out Sunday by 3pm. during 2020.  The weekend offer expires December 31, 2020.  No additional weekend will be available on this pre-order giveaway.  

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