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A House With Holes:

One Marriage Journey in a Charleston Renovation

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''If you're with me, Denise, I can promise you there is nothing in this mess we cannot fix.''

When veteran rehabbers Denise and Greg Broadwater purchase a dilapidated Charleston Cottage in a sketchy part of town for less than the value of the lot, they soon uncover complications they didn't bargain for--both in the house and in their relationship. As a licensed counselor, Denise thought she could handle anything that came up in their 30-year marriage. However, she didn't plan on open dirt floors, a creepy bathroom or wildlife in her kitchen, and that's just for starters. Heartfelt and humorous, dramatic and down-to-earth, A House With Holes is a memoir with a message as Denise compares the house renovation to her adjustments as a new empty-nester.

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